Frederick Goes Baroque!

When the Frederick Chorale, Frederick Maryland's Premier Chorus Group, decided to throw a huge Baroque Festival for 2011, they came to Enterline Design Services for the visuals. The festival consists of 9 different musical events, all centered around the Baroque style of music.

Our first task was to create some identity for the festival, so we set about designing the logo to be used on all festival materials. Because the festival has many different styles and genres of music being performed, it was important that the logo be flexible and able to be effective across many materials and media. The end solution was simple, elegant, and effective.

frederick goes baroque logo

Next on the design agenda was putting together a website to give potential attendees more information as well as a means to purchase their tickets. The website came together, melting an ornate background with simple concert navigation, and a 'call to action' to order tickets.

frederick goes baroque website

Finally, the real work began, as posters, rack cards, self-mailers, and advertisements were created for the overal Baroque festival as well as individual concerts and events. As of this writing, we are still designing several of the last few event materials, but the majority of the festival now exists in all its' visual glory. Take a look at a few sample pieces below, and be sure to check out to learn more about the festival and get YOUR tickets to one of these great events!

full frederick goes baroque poster

go for baroque masquerade party

The Ago/3 Organists Poster

The Frederick Chamber Orchestra Poster

The Frederick Flute Choir

If It Ain't Baroque poster